crawl, baby, crawl!

Submitted by michelle on Mon, 2006-11-27 20:28.


After the Vloggies Pre-Party (an awards show for video bloggers), my friend and I were walking down the street. We ran into some people and then another person came along who introduced himself as one of the presenters for the Vloggies. He was in his forties, from England and very lost and very drunk. The other people excused themselves and we tried to connect this person to his destination. Sometimes he wanted to walk, sometimes he wanted a taxi, and whenever we got him a taxi, he wouldn’t take it.
He kept chatting and chatting and asked if we were going to the Vloggies After-Party, tomorrow night. My friend was, but I wasn’t.

“You should go!!!”
“I went to the pre-party. That’s enough.”
“Come. I have a +1. I can get you in.”
“I’m busy.”
“Come-on! I’m begging you!” His hands were clasped and he was starting to kneel. Out here on the urine drenched sidewalks of Market Street San Francisco.
“I’m begging you!!!” He set himself up and I couldn’t help myself.
“On all fours, baby!”

I’m always shocked when people listen to me.

And when he finally got up, I had to be honest, “I’m not shaking your hands after that!”