Submitted by michelle on Wed, 2007-02-21 00:22.

The instant win game piece could not be instantly claimed.
The instructions told me to send in the "winning" game wrapper, recommended "sending prize claims via a traceable form of delivery..." and to "keep a photocopy for your records."

It also said that "all prizes are subject to verification".
Counterfeit winning wrappers must be running rampant these days. Very lucrative- I could see that.

No mention of when I'd get the prize. 4-6 weeks later?
"See Full Rules for complete details." I guess that's where they tell you that "taxes, when applicable are the sole responsibility of the winner"...

39¢ for postage, $2.40 for certified mail and 7¢ for a copy
I want that 69¢ candy bar. I'm a winner.