bath mats or rugs? or whatever they're called

Submitted by michelle on Mon, 2007-04-30 22:22.


Several days after our third roommate moved in, she asked me," Do you mind if I put in different rugs in the bathroom? I have a matching set in beige. It's super...(description...description...)"

I watch her talk.
I could care less if we had a rug, let alone matching ones.
"Go for it."

"Oh, great! (blah...blah...)"

I glance at the bathroom. There was already a black rug, a semicircle, when I moved in...hmm...
"Whatever you do, don't just throw out the black rug. I don't know if it belongs to our other roommate or the landlord, but yeah, don't throw it out."

It's weird. Bath mats. Something I never think about, and yet could be a source of contention between roommates.