They Died in the Waiting Room

Submitted by michelle on Mon, 2007-04-30 22:31.


It didn't look like the train would come for awhile.
I sat down.

"Terrible weather!" said the man next to me.
"I was in the hospital for eight years and I come home to this!" The man gestured, frustrated, at the rain and wind.
"That's Massachusetts for you!"

He took off his beanie and waved his hand over his head.
"This is all metal- that's why I'm so cold. Glad I bought this hat the other day."

"That's metal?..." I pulled out my ear buds. Did I hear eight years or eight weeks? Was I hearing correctly?
"What happened?"

"I was working on the construction of the Connecticut airport. I was walking on a beam and fell off. I landed on a piece of rebar and it went straight through my head." He pointed at his right temple and indicated that it went through the left. "They cut the metal off from both sides and left it in there. And they put in a metal plate here." He waved along the right portion of his skullcap.

"So, you were in a coma?"

I died.

But they brought me back. I was on the operating table for 3 days. And my family was in the waiting room waiting for the prognosis. See, I'm the youngest of 8 brothers. They were so worried about me and the prognosis that when the doctors came out, they had all died."

"Like heart attacks?"

"They dunno..."
He grimaced as he slowly shook his head.
"When I got out of the hospital, they told me my family had died in the waiting room."

"I'm the only one left. And I have a big house. I can't take care of a house in my condition. I'm staying at a motel. A friend helped me yesterday. Maybe, he'll help me today."