This Has Nothing To Do With The Name Of This Site!

Submitted by michelle on Sun, 2006-06-18 16:51.

It’s so weird. I won a cactus today. Well, at a raffle.

After coffee, my friend and I went to the park because it was close and we had nothing to do. It’s a large park with a lake and arboretum and other things. We passed by the County Fair Building, which had a sign up for a cactus show. We thought it would be really boring but it was there and free, so why not. It was a good 45 minutes worth of amusement. We have spent the same amount of time covering the entirety of the three-story DeYoung Museum and didn’t find anything interesting.

It turns out that there are many varieties of cactus, some spotted, striped, Escher stairs-like, and a couple that were really nasty. Some are smooth and look like rocks. One was squat and had soft white stuff on the top that felt like fur. You could pet it. It’s a great low-maintenance alternative to a dog or cat. I kept walking back to touch it. I definitely recommend petting cacti.

I’m so excited. I won a Euphorbia. My plants generally die or mutate. I will try not to kill it.