In hovering pursuit
My fortress permeable
Words stalk me again

Where’s my restraining order?

I want to deny, black out these thoughts
slip away, consume, shop drink this life away
Shut my mind to waste time

Entrenched in Fiction.
Pacing in place. I need escape!
I’m racing. Racing!!! away...
My diction is blurred
My vision is slurred-
perusing fornication,
boozing fortification,
refusing motivation,
I'm through…

And writing steals me
Chasing me throughout the crumbling night.
Pushing past kicking fish and barricaded fears.

hovering. hovering.....
I run*lunge*jump* past
twenty four street lamps silently throbbing
to the invisible rhythm, intimate wisdom
of the deck chairs dirtied by the sun

I’m grasping for gold, past the glass bars
unsure of what words they are keeping apart

beneath the red tarp
beneath the red tarp

enmeshed to fiction
in my haunted house
Words trap me again,
overtaking my escape.

the cream wall flashed cobwebs
Colors blacking out. My breath catches. I am not scared.

brimming, bulging
veins rising
my vision retreating
floating down gently
fainting, fading
slipping away
a soft puff propels me back up.
Sight returns
my consciousness
won’t leave me alone,

Words stalk me again.

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nexxx (not verified) Says:
Sun, 2008-06-22 18:13

hi it's jessy cool site thx :) nexxx never enough

the tides anguilla (not verified) Says:
Wed, 2008-11-19 12:15