Submitted by michelle on Sun, 2006-07-09 18:37.


It’s ironic that I’m considering a career in writing manuals since I never read them. But. Technical writing is one of the few ways to make a living off of writing, so, yeah.

Technical writers have a society comprised of chapters with monthly meetings. There’s friendly people, job opportunities, and a presentation. This time the seminar was about “Acting for Interviews”. Apparently, your presentation of yourself accounts for 85% of your impression upon interviewers. Content is only 8%. So, of course comes The Handshake.

The extremes are the “dead fish” and “knucklebreaker” handshakes. The goal is to lie somewhere in between. The speaker told us to get up and go around the room shaking hands, while verbally assessing each other.

It turns out I’m a knuckle-breaker. It cracks me up since I’m not the largest person. I often buy kid’s clothes because they’re cheaper and cuter, like bright orange pants. I like both the boys’ and girls’ sections.