Walking, walking, step after step,
you can't stop walking
because then
you'll never start
walking again

keep on and on and on...

inside my eyes
every time i blink

thru the noise
the more i sink

and Not to think
is the way to have peace
whilst crawling

these chains of a soul
drawling me down

In the shower, you can’t tell when you've stopped crying...
or when you've started again...

B 12, G 5, I 16

Three heads wishing
yet none was winning

image she smiles
we die awhile

and i keep on...

a melody retching out of my stomach...
the strains of my pleas
broke this masquerade of the Furies
this massacre of theories
as the tears sear in exultation
majesties wilt in satiation
granting another chance
with no demands

Can you never look back?

Recurring thoughts of what now and all I know is what not
Looking forward, but never towards what's next
For I'm never more than what it takes to get by...
and yet somehow we all hope to get picked.
B 12, G 5, I 16

no footfall following
my resolve is softening
the belief withdrawing
notice no following
to compliment my walking
is this a trick?
my suspicions calling
sad dolls falling the sands aswallowing

Can you never look back?

it doesn't matter what's said or does, it's miniscule in light of the life that was

Can you never look back?

one after one another
step after step after step
perchance a step is complete

Toward corridor end more, step inthru step

i saw the door
and in the joy
looked back

expecting deceit
Caught thru the haze, That Face of a smile

But those eyes could no longer focus,
it had been such a long while

yet those eyes could no longer focus,
it had been much too long awhile