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It’s ironic that I’m considering a career in writing manuals since I never read them. But. Technical writing is one of the few ways to make a living off of writing, so, yeah.

Technical writers have a society comprised of chapters with monthly meetings. There’s friendly people, job opportunities, and a presentation. This time the seminar was about “Acting for Interviews”. Apparently, your presentation of yourself accounts for 85% of your impression upon interviewers. Content is only 8%. So, of course comes The Handshake.

The extremes are the “dead fish” and “knucklebreaker” handshakes. The goal is to lie somewhere in between. The speaker told us to get up and go around the room shaking hands, while verbally assessing each other.

It turns out I’m a knuckle-breaker. It cracks me up since I’m not the largest person. I often buy kid’s clothes because they’re cheaper and cuter, like bright orange pants. I like both the boys’ and girls’ sections.


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When I pretend to be a zombie and walk towards my grandmother, she thinks I’m going to hug her.

air conditioners

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apparently, there are air conditioners in school colors

“Custom colors and college logos you'll feel comfortable with — that's innovation.”

Never a Line

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So, my friend, Josh Wolf, got me into Vloggercon, a videoblogging convention, as a volunteer. He was speaking in the "Political Vlogging & Social Change" panel. The government "ordered [him] to turn over...unpublished video footage of [a San Francisco] protest and to submit to examination by the federal grand jury". This case addresses a journalist's right to remain silent. Read more.

The convention also included panels on community, narrative, and personal vlogs, seminars for people to brush up on their technical skills, and different forums in which people could present their work, such as blip.tv. Check out some videos of the convention shot by Zennie Abraham.

The best part was that there were not many females there so there was never a line for the bathroom.

Crack found in foam on shuttle fuel tank

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AP - 1 hour, 26 minutes ago
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - NASA managers weren't ruling out a Fourth of July launch for space shuttle Discovery on Monday, even after inspectors found a 5-inch-long crack in the foam insulation on its external fuel tank. Officials said they needed more time to evaluate the problem

so, i see this headline and i think of the drug


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Watch the video test

This Has Nothing To Do With The Name Of This Site!

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It’s so weird. I won a cactus today. Well, at a raffle.

After coffee, my friend and I went to the park because it was close and we had nothing to do. It’s a large park with a lake and arboretum and other things. We passed by the County Fair Building, which had a sign up for a cactus show. We thought it would be really boring but it was there and free, so why not. It was a good 45 minutes worth of amusement. We have spent the same amount of time covering the entirety of the three-story DeYoung Museum and didn’t find anything interesting.

It turns out that there are many varieties of cactus, some spotted, striped, Escher stairs-like, and a couple that were really nasty. Some are smooth and look like rocks. One was squat and had soft white stuff on the top that felt like fur. You could pet it. It’s a great low-maintenance alternative to a dog or cat. I kept walking back to touch it. I definitely recommend petting cacti.

I’m so excited. I won a Euphorbia. My plants generally die or mutate. I will try not to kill it.


Good Mourning.

welcome to my world.

it's like waking up to
rotting food next to you
five inches from your nose
juices soaked through your pillow

welcome to my world.

the matches so cheap
they burn with a speed
that leaves the little match girl
without any dreams

the world counts its blessings
that i was not born
the ruler of a nation with nuclear stations

a war within the mind

the desire of nostalgia
for a nonexistent time
that put human
next to

the desire of nostalgia
for human kind
that put human next to

the matches so cheap
they burn with a speed
that leaves the little match girl
without any dreams
Death is a many splendored thing
Listen to the joys it sings
A prison dismembered leaving no walls
walking out deft, deceiving them all
my late endlast breath a personal

a flickering piñata
snickers from the porch
never figuring you’ll
escort it to dark
echoing blows
disrobing your sweat
loathing so sincere
you’ll never forget

echoing blows
disrobing your sweat
loathing so sincere
you’ll never forget

what you see on this sheet
it's a disease

the world counts its blessings
that i was not born
the ruler of a nation with nuclear stations

Kicking Fish 3.3.06

We entered the fish market.
On the ice sits a scale-less monster from the deep sea of primordial species. I want that fish.
“It doesn’t look fresh,” says my aunt.
We venture further inside, when the thrashing catches my eye.
The fish I wanted is still alive!
I can’t look away,
the fish hacked in half at the waist
the two feet of flesh Kicking

and helpless.
“We’ll take two inches,” says my aunt.
The market’s executioner grabs the head but can’t handle the bucking. He takes a breath, holds the other side and cleaves another piece of waist.
“Why don’t you kill it instead of letting it suffer?” asks my aunt.
“The customers assume it’s not fresh and won’t buy it.”
Home, we put the fish on a plate.
The flesh is too fierce.
The cells are still kicking.