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When you get to know them, the biggest liars can be the most sincere, for they are liars but not hypocrites.

I don't sew.

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"I thought it was interesting, but I don't think you would've liked the Harvard Natural History Museum. They had a lot of dead things. Stuffed lions, camels...birds next to their skeletons. When I looked closely at a giraffe, I could see the seams, where the hide was sewn back together. On another animal, the stitching was coming apart. It looked like hay inside. I think-"

"You could look into learning how to taxidermy," interjected my friend.

" would be like learning to crochet."

Guide to Cell Phone Plans

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The current trend is that plans include a set amount of minutes and allow free calls to people who use the same company. With this in mind, choose a company that your friends, family and in particular, your significant other does not have. Needing to conserve your minutes can be a great resource when you need to end a conversation.


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"a cigar is $50

an intern is free."

Guide to Picking Seats

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So, I'm in Boston and the Red Sox are a big deal here. I've personally never watched more than 20 consecutive seconds of baseball on television, but I figure if I'm going to experience one live baseball game, it might as well be with some of the most enthusiastic fans.
And who knows, I may come to love the sport.

But how do we pick seats?
The guide book said to avoid sections 1-7. There's standing-room tickets available, but that sounds painful since we're pretty sure baseball games are really long.
Ok, Right Field Box and Infield Grand Stand are the same price. Sooo?

Then, my friend got an inspiration," Let's go for the Right Field Box, so we'll see more butts! If we're on the other side, we'd only get to see the batter and catcher's."


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Antivirus is not like condoms. It's not 85-95% effective.
It's more like the rhythm method.

To All The Paper-Pushers Out There:

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My friend asked,"Should I take this? I've heard it kills a lot of brain cells?"

"Who needs brain cells for administrative work?

Mooninite Party: The Aftermath

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Photo by Travis Crawford

Check out the blog post and photos by Scott Beale, photos by Lane Hartwell, and a video by Robert.

Many thanks to Allen Paul of the The San Francisco Brewing Company, Jesse Lackey, who reprogrammed the PICs, and Veleno Sangue, who designed the flyer.


Josh is out of Jail!

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Josh Wolf, who was imprisoned for refusing to hand over unpublished footage of a protest to the federal grand jury was released on April 3, 2007. Read More.

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clears the cobwebs out of my brain in the morning!