Knight in a Shiny Gimp Mask

"Knight in a Shiny Gimp Mask" is a fractured fairy tale set in contemporary times, featuring a warlock, a police chase, and a levitating octopus.

Written and Directed by Michelle

Produced by Amanda Lee


DISSEAST16mm is boring, but it was fun to film the fire in my kitchen. My physics major friends brought back some ethanol. We stuck some in a spray bottle so that we could get that rolling flames effect. At the time, I lived at a student housing co-operative. We'd periodically hear stories about co-ops burning down but now I guess I know why. There was also a tradition of couch burnings at my school. On another occasion, my friends brought back liquid nitrogen.

Cane Sugar

This work explores the themes of consumption and the circles that surround you.
a n t s
the inability to understand the conversation in the foreground (gibberish) while the background or bass track of English has been granulated to become unfamiliar.

This technique refers back to the granulated product: Cane Sugar.


Directed by Michelle

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