mushroom millefori

sterile/white mall circus setting
couches slacking tensions
rising w lesley
tall blonde guy @ batcave club
young horse trapeze artist who gets his face smashed,
masked, so can't tell how badly he's injured
the older version of him
the mystery of why, and the flirtations with these 2 other guys
ending with nude shower and the showing of pictures;
they are all of places we've been
the sandy cave of the stories origin
a million other places we've been
or heard of
H2O pounding down
wake myself up
how does it end?

a dirty book is rarely dusty

looking down into the shallow tropical blue, blue water
pale lifeless drift floating youth bodies
watery grave

boy vs machine monster

mushroom millefori


In hovering pursuit
My fortress permeable
Words stalk me again

Where’s my restraining order?

I want to deny, black out these thoughts
slip away, consume, shop drink this life away
Shut my mind to waste time

Entrenched in Fiction.
Pacing in place. I need escape!
I’m racing. Racing!!! away...
My diction is blurred
My vision is slurred-
perusing fornication,
boozing fortification,
refusing motivation,
I'm through…

And writing steals me
Chasing me throughout the crumbling night.
Pushing past kicking fish and barricaded fears.

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